A man on a dietary mission.

Harvey Banting Diet

Today I was 169. 

Today’s diet is the original low carb diet.  It was started back in the 1860s by a doctor named Banting in response to an obese gentleman’s (Harvey) pleas for a way to lose weight and keep it off in a maintainable way.  The basic criteria of the diet are no bread, milk, butter, beer, sugar, potatoes, or other root crops.  Pork apparently used to be not allowed since it was considered to be “starchy.” 

I started the day off with egg muffins that I had made without the cheese.  I managed to get myself up 5 minutes earlier today.  I think this is a good way of going.  I would like to think that I have the discipline to jump to getting up at 6am, but I’m reasonably sure that I would be setting myself up for failure. 

Another part of the Harvey Banting diet is that you are supposed to eat 4 meals instead of 3.  So I am starting my 1st lunch at 11 am today, which is pretty early for me.  I had my arugula and artichoke salad again, but I had to leave the feta cheese off.   2nd lunch I waited until 2 to eat.  I was starving by then. 

For dinner I’m treating myself to a burrito bowl from Chipotle.  I’ve never had one, but I usually have a Chipotle burrito for dinner on Wednesdays, so this will have to be good enough.  Of course I can’t have rice or cheese on it…  It ended up being a lot more filling than I thought it would be.  I felt pretty nasty after eating it even though it was pretty much all vegetables and was only supposed to be about 500 calories.  I looked up how much the burrito and chips and guacamole I used to get were and it’s about 1400 calories.  Ugh. 

 One thing I have noticed is that I wantto be more active.  I wanted to go rock climbing last night, but I knew that I needed a rest day.  But I couldn’t be happy sitting on the couch, so I played Wii Fit Plus.  I want to go rock climbing again today, but I’m waiting until tomorrow.  I played Wii Fit right after dinner to try to make myself feel better.


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