168.5 today, which seemed reasonable. 

I tried out the 30 Day Low Carb Diet Solution today.  The basic principle is that I eat 5 oz of meat or eggs at each meal and then 1-3 “small carbs” depending on the meal.  There’s a list of veggies and fruits and the serving size that count as a small carb.  This plan didn’t seem as bad as some of the other low carb plans because it does allow fruit in reasonable amounts.

I had a breakfast of scrambled eggs and turkey bacon to make up my 5 oz of meat and cheese.  I was allowed 2 small carbs and used these to have 2/3 cup of grapes. 

Lunch was a great big salad with a lot of meat on it to get the 5 oz and some string cheese.

I then got a snack of celery and peanut butter, which I’ve been eating a lot of on this diet and am starting to like a lot. 

I decided to be adventurous with dinner.  I had wanted something different so I bought ground buffalo.  I found a low carb meal buffalo recipe and made that.  It was pretty simple and involved mixing a little bit of butter with the mean and pan frying.  I remembered from when I worked for an organic buffalo farm selling the meat at farmers markets that it needed to be cooked at a low temperature and slowly, so it turned out pretty well.  But it made a big greasy mess and now the house smells rather gross.  The recipe suggested buying frozen Asian mixed veggies and I microwaved some of that and that was pretty tasty.  I think I had enough to make up my 2 of the 3 small carbs that I needed.  I’ll have 1/3 cup of grapes later to make up the difference.